Locarno on Ice, Locarno
22th November 2014 - 6th January 2015
A carpet of ice in the Piazza Grande, Locarno's 'city lounge' for adults and youngsters who want to skate against a beautiful Christmas backdrop with a magical atmosphere. Next to the rink, the domes of the 'Igloo' bars: warm and cosy, they're the ideal place for an aperitif and meetings with friends. At night, along with the music, the spectacular structures of Locarno On Ice are immersed in a magical dance of multi-coloured lights reflecting on the ice, transparent igloo domes and the mirror ball suspended over the rink. There's also music during the day, including live performances from both solo artists and guest bands.
The Locarno On Ice programme also features of course, attractions specifically for kids as well as the traditional New Year's Eve Party.
Piazza Grande
6600 Locarno
Tel.: +41 848 091 091
Fax.: +41 091 759 76 94