Triathlon Locarno
06 - 07.09.2014


For sportsmen and women, this date in Locarno is not to be missed; a triathlon set in stunning scenery on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The succession of the three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, is divided this year into five different categories. The Medium Distance traditional competition for the fittest athletes (3 km swim, 80 km ride and 20 km run); the popular Mini Tri (500 m swim in the pool, 20 km bike ride, 5 km run); the Kids Triathlon, for the smallest; and a relay race over the same route as the Medium Distance Tri, for teams of three athletes, of which at least one must be a woman. To these four categories, a new event has been added, over Olympic distance (1.5 km swim in the lake, 40 km ride and 10 km run).
The swimming competitions take place in the lake (with the exception of the kids, who swim in the pool), the bike ride takes the athletes through Vallemaggia, up to Prato Sornico, while the run is on a city circuit to be covered multiple times.

Base-camp for the event is the new Lido, with the start/finish lines, a large 'triathlon village', entertainment and side events where everyone can enjoy a little relaxation.


Lido, 6600 Locarno


+41 848 091 091