Valle Onsernone

The villages in Onsernone Valley lie on high terraces which allow a view of the wild, rugged valley floor, an ideal place for those seeking authenticity and antiquity. The rustic buildings, reminders of hardship and poverty in times past, merge with the impressive, refined houses, some from the 1500's, which were built by émigrés who made their fortunes in France or Italy.


Villages such as Auressio, Loco and Russo nestle in picturesque scenery which has fascinated and attracted artists, writers, and lovers of nature in every period. A rugged, enclosed valley some thirty kilometres (18 miles) long, from where it meets Centovalli to the border with Italy, it offers the walker an abundance of routes: from the nearby pleasant mountain hamlets to the most secluded alps and peaks ranging from 1500 to 2500 metres a.s.l., rivers and streams with the clearest of waters to fish in or simply relax alongside, not to mention the ruins of Bagni di Craveggia with their spring and thermal baths which were known about as early as the year 1200.


In Loco we find the impressive baroque church dedicated to Saint Remigius, well-documented since the 11th century, and the Museo Vallerano which affords visitors indispensable information about the history, art and culture of the valley so as to allow them to know more about it; part of the museum is the old but recently restored mill which continues to grind corn, just as it once did.



An exhibition on the centenary of the birth of Max Frisch, organized in collaboration with the Max Frisch Archive at the ETH in Zurich, the MAX FRISCH BERZONA exhibit takes place on the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth and celebrates Frisch's literary contributions, with specific attention on his time in Ticino.


In 1964 Max Frisch bought and transformed a property in Berzona, a small village in Valle Onsernone, and then moved his domicile here. Despite stays in Berlin and New York as well as an apartment in Zurich, Frisch’s house in Berzona—and the natural and anthropic landscape of Valle Onsernone—remained a central element of his private and public life as well as his artistic production.


In this context, the Onsernone Museum pays tribute to Max Frisch, honorary citizen of Berzona, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The museum is organizing a series of events to commemorate the artist and his work, with special focus on his life in Valle Onsernone.


The center of these events is the MAX FRISCH BERZONA exhibit, in Italian and German, held in the Museo Onsernonese in Loco. The exhibit features texts by Frisch, accounts by acquaintances and friends, photographs, and footage documenting the writer's universe and his experience in Berzona.
With his literary talent Frisch transformed his life and experiences into art. Visitors get a glimpse of his life in Berzona through the writer's own words, accompanied by photographs and never before seen videos.
Frisch's everyday existence and literary work were characterized by a kaleidoscope of existential forms and worlds. The exhibit provides a new perspective on these different worlds, showing Frisch's life in Berzona in light both of his personal history and literary work.


During 2013 (from March til October) the museum will organize another special exhibition about Max Frisch.

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