Bike Hotels

Bike hotels in the Ascona-Locarno region are required to meet a number of quality criteria designed to ensure that cyclist guests enjoy a wonderful stay.

The bike hotel accreditation process conducted by Hotelleriesuisse, the Swiss Hotel Association, specifies aspects such as secure cycle storage, cleaning facilities, workshop availability for minor repairs, hearty breakfasts and the provision of information.

Hotelleriesuisse is responsible for classifying hotels in Switzerland and ensuring the reliability and consistency of standards of bike hotels.

Bike hotels criteria

  • Separate, lockable cycle ­room
  • Provision of hanging storage or stands, lighting and power sockets for charging - electric bicycles
  • Cycle ­cleaning facilities
  • Ease of access to the cycle­ storage and ­cleaning facilities
  • Workshop tools for maintenance and minor repairs
  • Guest information (maps and tours, public transport, safety and weather forecasts)
  • Cooperation with certified guides and bike shops for guided tours, cycle hire and repairs
  • Hearty breakfasts
  • Flexible mealtimes or packed­ lunches on request
  • Laundry­ and drying ­service
  • Shower on day of departure

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