Alpine lakes

Emerald green or deep blue, reflecting the surrounding mountains and creating breathtaking vistas

Robiei and its lakes at the foot of the Basodino glacier

The countless lakes in the valleys of the Ascona-Locarno region are waiting to be discovered. As oases of tranquillity amid beautiful scenery, they're great for fishing, taking a refreshing dip or simply relaxing and admiring the view.

Lake Magnola

The alpine lakes draw attention to themselves by sparkling like diamonds in the sun. The Ascona-Locarno region has lots of these sparkling diamonds.

Most were formed by the melting of glaciers; some are thousands of years old. A number are easy to get to by car, aerial cableway or footpath, while others require a great deal of effort to reach. How you get there isn't important – what counts is the feeling of standing in front of the lake once you're there: pure energy and freedom! If you're brave enough, you can cool off in the chilly water in readiness for the rest of the hike. Alpine wellness like no other!


The mountains surrounding the valleys regions are also of interest to anglers, as fishing in the rivers as well as the lakes is allowed. A fishing licence is required, which can be obtained from Ascona-Locarno Tourism or the local municipality. The applicable rules and regulations must be observed. Happy fishing!

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