CSF Conference - Synthetic and Systems Immunology

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Synthetic and Systems Immunology.

Benefitting from tremendous advances in large-scale ‘omics’ technologies, immune phenotyping and genome engineering, novel integrated workflows are providing unprecedented insights into the networks, pathways and systems that govern human health and disease, thus enabling their successful therapeutic manipulation. The conference will begin with insights into recent strategies and concepts in the area of therapeutic protein engineering, rational vaccine design and -delivery.

Next, advances in high-throughput methods such as (single-cell) sequencing and microfluidics will be discussed which devise general construction principles of the adaptive immune system and provide information on immune status upon perturbation, as well as on potential disease-specific biomarkers. The meeting will then move on to shed light on the potential and risks of adoptive immune cell transfer therapies that are on the rise due to the current revolution in precise genome engineering. Critical to clinical progress is the translation of foundational synthetic and systems immunology research into novel therapies. A dedicated session centered on that topic in the field of cancer immunotherapy and infectious diseases will conclude the meeting.

Conference by Prof. Dr. Sai Reddy, ETH Zürich.


Informations and reservations:
Congressi Stefano Franscini, [email protected]   


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