While wandering around on the lookout for old traditions or exploring regions untouched by the frenzy of modern life, there are treasures to discover including river banks of finest sand, broad rock-pools, smooth boulders and forceful waterfalls.


The minute visitors enter the valley they discover a paradise where luxuriant vegetation and glistening waters capture their hearts. This uncontaminated region, punctuated by small old settlements, is where an old world built of stone—Maggia valley gneiss—lives on in the everyday mores and thoughts of the inhabitants. Lose and find yourself among inviting fountains, benches, roofs and houses. An ideal way to revive yourself after a day spent touring is to taste some of the typical local dishes, accompanied by a glass of good local wine at one of the many grotti (taverns), found along the countless trails and cycle paths which cover the whole valley floor.

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