9 reasons why you should visit Ascona-Locarno in 2022

Summiteer, foodies, stair climbers, selfie makers or glacier trail hikers - Lake Maggiore offers activities to suit every taste. 9 reasons why you should visit Ascona-Locarno in 2022.

  1. The Locarno Film Festival celebrates its 75th edition.
  2. In April, Switzerland's first Albergo Diffuso (scattered hotel) opens in Corippo.
  3. In the first months of this year, the imposing Verzasca dam is even more spectacular: the Lago di Vogorno is in fact being emptied for the maintenance of the installations.
  4. Visit a UNESCO site. The ancient beech forests of the Valle di Lodano were declared a World Heritage Site in 2021.
  5. A new walk of fame is being built on Largo Zorzi in Locarno, where the footprints of the big names of Moon&Stars can be admired.
  6. Take a risk and try the new Escape Room in the Castello Marcacci in Brione Verzasca. 60 minutes to solve the Verzasca-themed mistery. Book now!
  7. Go on a journey through time! Wouldn't you believe it? Join the free Locarno Time Travel Tour and let yourself be surprised.
  8. The Vallemaggia Magic Blues celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  9. Did you know that crafting with straw is back in fashion? In Berzona you can buy an original straw hat from the Onsernone Valley

These are the main highlights for 2022, but there is much more to experience in the region. For those looking for new experiences in Ascona-Locarno, we have prepared a list of things you should do during your stay. A year full of activities and new discoveries awaits you.

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