10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 with Ascona-Locarno!

We made it! With the countdown to the end of 2019 in full swing, it’s time to start making plans for 2020. This is the time of year when we take stock of the last 12 months and prepare ourselves to face the next 365 days of our lives with a surge of optimistic enthusiasm that, although we try not to dwell on it, almost never lasts. But this does not mean that all lists of New Year’s resolutions for the year ahead should be cast aside. It’s time to break the habit with a list full of plans that are definitely not impossible and certainly a lot of fun. Even if you only pick one, the important thing is to go through with it! Are you ready?

Spend more time with the family:
The holiday season makes us think about our loved ones and motivates us to spend more quality time with them.

The best memories are those rooted in childhood, in places designed especially for children. Just like our region, which is full of activities for having fun as a family, facilities suitable for children and unmissable offers. For example, did you know that with the offer Kids Welcome children under 12 stay free in their parents’ room?

Climb a glacier: Global warming is a reality!

So if you love hiking and you’ve never climbed the Basodino – the most impressive and important glacier in Ticino – we recommend you stop procrastinating and give it a try. How about one of these excursions?

Watch a film on one of the world’s biggest screens......in the most appealing of outdoor living rooms: Locarno’s Piazza Grande.

During the Locarno Festival, the town is teeming with internationally renowned producers, actors and directors who come from all over the world to present their work, hold interviews and take part in forums and conferences. For film enthusiasts, especially those who love art cinema, it is an unmissable event. Even if you can’t visit every year, a screening in Piazza Grande is definitely something you should do at least once in your life. Why not make it this year? 

Do something you never thought you’d do. One thing you could do this year is give in to a little bit of madness.

Whether it’s asking the person you love to marry you or trying a sport you would never have thought of doing, Lake Maggiore is the perfect place. The extremely romantic Mediterranean atmosphere makes a wonderful setting for a marriage proposal or there’s a wide range of sports to try your hand at. Canyoning, rafting and paragliding are some extreme examples, or perhaps you’re tempted by the thrill of bungee jumping from the Verzasca dam just like James Bond...

Go to the moon! Not to the real one (although maybe that’s a good idea for the future!).

But to the special one in Locarno, known as Moon&Stars: the Festival that brings all your favourite musical stars to the shores of Lake Maggiore. With big names, emerging bands and delicious gourmet treats at Food&Music Street, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel and admire the lights of the city under the moon... the real one!

Spoil yourself a bit more. It seems easy, but how many times have you postponed that relaxing weekend, digital detox week or even that walk in the open air you were so longing for?

Work, commitments, last-minute errands, everything that needs to be done “yesterday” and your plans go up in smoke. This year, book in advance to get some time for yourself and, even if the sky falls in, don’t cancel it. Log off completely to spoil yourself so you can return to everyday life with added energy. Did you know we’re one of Switzerland’s Wellness Destinations? Here wellness is 360°, 365 days a year. 

Visit a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage list. Switzerland is home to as many as 12 World Heritage sites:

so you may well have seen more than one. But have you ever visited a candidate for this important recognition? It’s really rare! The ancient beech woods in the Valle di Lodano are in contention and are one of those places you have to see once in your life, whether they win the award or not. Here are four excursions for you.

Experience the magical atmosphere of New Orleans, in Switzerland. For over thirty years, every summer Ascona is transformed into Ticino’s city of jazz:

During JazzAscona, one of the largest jazz events in Switzerland and the only one outside the United States to be officially sponsored by the New Orleans authorities. What more reason do you need to see it in 2020? Experience your own “New Orleans Experience – Music & Food from Louisiana” just around the corner.

Sample the unique flavours of Ascona-Locarno. Our region is rich in culinary traditions and food and wine products that cannot be found elsewhere.

In addition to typical Ticino delicacies (such as torta di pane, polenta, risotto, Merlot and many more), we are proud to have unique products with a long tradition. Such as Farina Bóna, which makes Vergeletto smell like popcorn. There’s only one place to try it. 

Staying with friends. What could be better than spending time with the people you like best?

On Lake Maggiore every guest is a friend. Together we can experience unique and unforgettable moments, it doesn’t take much: the right place, the right company and the right attitude. You don’t need anything else to create the best memories of your 2020. It starts wherever you are now. 

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