Ascona-Locarno craft beers

The beer of the Lake Maggiore region is a real experience. Local production - active since 1828 - is incredibly extensive for the size of the area and utilises abundant local produce.

Blonde, dark, amber. In Ticino, the beer produced by small independent breweries reflects and respects the flavours of the region. To be considered local, it must contain at least 80 % raw materials from Ticino. So, the beer from the Lake Maggiore region is not only brewed here, but also made from local products. From beer made from the rice that grows along the Maggia river to beer with chestnuts or honey, the region's breweries know how to bring the true taste of Ticino to the table with their unfiltered and unpasteurised beers. Would you like to try? Check out the list of local breweries.

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