Taste my Swiss City: 
discover the city through its food

Taste my Swiss City. The name says it all: food and the city are what this walk is all about. The idea behind it is to help people discover the city through its cuisine. And the best way to do that is to experience it like a local: visit places where the locals go and sample the dishes and drinks they would order. Daniela and Luca, our resident gourmets, has tried it for themselves and reports back.

The great thing about this tour is that it’s self-guided. No one will tell you how much time to spend in the park at Camelie di Locarno (or you could just not even go there at all!), and you won’t be forced to keep up with the pace of the group as you would on a guided tour. You can book your tour online independently and arrange the stops in the way that suits you best. How you spend your day really is up to you!

A full day is the ideal way to get the most out of this gastronomic walk: the portions are plentiful and there are so many places around the city to visit between one stop and the next. The locations of the stops create a route that is both gastronomic and cultural, but the beauty of this tour lies in the fact that you can make your own choices and go wherever your nose takes you. When it comes to food, you can choose from a typical cappuccino by the lake to zero-kilometre local produce, like the fresh goat’s cheese that comes straight from our mountains or a traditional risotto, all with a wide selection of local wine (how can you resist our Merlot?). If you’re ready to make your mouth water, I’ll tell you how to Taste my Swiss City.

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