Taste my Swiss City Ascona

Ascona is a small, pretty town on the Maggia Delta. The gourmet stops on its discovery tour are closer together, but perfectly condense the Mediterranean air you can breathe here. In short, relaxation and good food are guaranteed. The first stop was Seven Easy, on the beautiful square by the Ascona lakeside, from where you can admire the Brissago Islands.

The first stop on the tour is an aperitivo, so I spent the morning exploring the town and doing a spot of shopping. I stopped for a moment on the lakeside for a photo of the Brissago Islands, the only botanic gardens in Switzerland on an island and home to plant species from all over the world. The Seven Easy has a stunning terrace from which you can watch people coming and going on the promenade. With the blue sky and equally blue lake, I immediately felt like I was on holiday. The elaborate aperitivo of goat’s cheese from a nearby valley and a glass of local white wine were the perfect way to end my morning. As my next stop was not far away, I decided to enjoy the atmosphere for a while, taking advantage of the sun and the incredible views.  The Osteria Nostrana, the tour’s second stop, boasts traditional and welcoming decor. They offered me a large portion of risotto with a glass of white Merlot.

Ascona boasts plenty of internal courtyards and unexpected snapshots. Before I got to my last stop, I wanted to enjoy the town. Walking along Via Borgo, I stopped for an exhibition at the Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna and got lost in the maze of narrow streets. This is how you stumble across the most unexpected gems.

A walk along the lakeside was exactly what was called for after such a big lunch. After the exhibition at the modern art museum, I headed to my next stop, passing the Collegio Papio and Santa Maria della Misericordia church. The tree-lined avenue conveys a truly remarkable sense of peace and tranquillity. My final stop was a bit special, because it’s not a restaurant but a shop selling local products. The workshop feel and owner’s welcome warmed my heart and convinced me to stop for a chat as I browsed all the typical local products on sale. I left with my dessert and a little more besides, because I couldn’t resist temptation...

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