Taste my Swiss City Locarno

I got my day in Locarno off on the right foot with a lovely breakfast at the Café Lago Al Porto, the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of the city’s Dolce Vita! I should probably confess that I spent more time there then I thought I would because it really was relaxing. Next up was a walk along the right shores of Lake Maggiore, where at that time of day you’ll probably see the odd conscientious jogger or dogs being taken out for a stroll.

At Ristorante Blu, my second stop, I was welcomed on the beautiful terrace looking right out over the lake by a delicious charcuterie platter and a glass of local white wine. I was feeling fairly full by then so decided to take a break for a walk in the Parco delle Camelie, just ten minutes away.
My third stop was in Piazza Grande: the Gran Caffè Verbano, a typical local spot for those in search of a tasty and sophisticated menu of the day or a delicious aperitivo. I tucked into a red wine risotto to end all risottos! Full of flavour, cooked to perfection and plenty of it! To go with the risotto, I was offered a glass of Merlot that was the perfect match.

Anyone coming to Locarno should make time for a stroll through the heart of the city to explore some of its centre’s hidden corners. Just before my last stop, I decided to make a visit to the Castello Visconteo and the Museo Casorella, before strolling through the old town, a real gem with its boutiques and colourful narrow streets.

My final restaurant was perfect from this point of view because it gives you the chance to see places you would probably otherwise miss. Those corners of the city you only see when you live like a local. Ristorante Fiorentina has an outdoor terrace in a beautiful cloister, typical of towns like Locarno. Here I enjoyed a slice of home-made torta di pane – the most typical dessert you can find in these parts – with a well-deserved coffee. A macchiato is my favourite, but here in Ascona-Locarno there’s no shortage of different sorts to try.

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