Ticino is known for its excellent wines. Sun-ripened grapes and centuries of experience stand for high quality wine.

The Lake Maggiore region is the ideal wine growing area. Enter the wine cellars of Ascona-Locarno and discover a variety of quality wines cultivated and produced in this area.

The many hours of sunshine, the warm climate and the fertile soils provide an ideal environment for wine growing. It is not for nothing that Ticino is one of the most important areas when it comes to Swiss wine. A large number of well-known as well as rare old grape varieties are cultivated on around 1,036 hectares and processed into fine wines. Visit the wine cellars of the region and find your new favourite wine.

Undoubtedly the most popular is Merlot, a wonderful red wine that stands out for its ruby colour and shines with its fresh notes. Here in Ticino it is also common to enjoy the Merlot white wine. Its grapes accounts for over 80% (approx. 860 hectares) of the Ticino's wine production. Thus, the remaining wine varieties are distributed over just 20%. Another important name of Ticino is the Americana grape, which hangs from the pergolas in the gardens and spreads its sweet fruity fragrance in the air when it is ripe. However, it is used less for quality bottled wines and more for simple country wines (vino nostrano). The formerly widespread Bondola is now only cultivated in Ticino and is very typical of the region on Lake Maggiore. There are of course several other sorts such as Nebbiolo, Pinot noir or Gamaret. The Chardonney, which is the most widely grown white grape here, makes about 26 hectares and is gladly drunk, just like the white Merlot. Speaking of white wine, Ticino produces about 9% white and 91% red wine. Visit a winery near you and discover the excellent end products of this cultural tradition

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