The four seasons and their charms

A four-season destination. With its exotic flowers in spring, numerous activities in summer, mouth-watering dishes in autumn and mild temperatures in winter, Ascona-Locarno is always worth a visit.

As Antonio Vivaldi depicted in his famous Four Seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter come with very different characters. Every season boasts appealing and widely differing characteristics. Ascona-Locarno is a popular year-round holiday destination that knows how to look after its visitors and their needs by offering the right attraction at the right time.

Colourful spring

While the rest of Switzerland remains deep in hibernation, the springtime camellias and magnolias on Lake Maggiore adorn the gardens and parks with their magnificent blooms in a veritable explosion of colour. Locarno holds a five-day event in honour of the enchanting camellia – perfect for admiring more than 1000 species of that particular plant. A walk through a fairytale world: Locarno camellia park and Gambarogno botanical gardens.

Joys of summer

Summer finds the region attracting countless families and individuals, keen to strike a balance between activity and relaxation. The region offers hiking, mountain biking, water fun and treasure hunts – all the way to lazing in the sun. Numerous events for every taste lead through the hot summer days and warm evenings. Sun, fun and ice creams – what more do you need?

Delectable autumn

The trees begin to adopt warm yellow hues while the mountains appear to move closer due to the clear air: this is a good season for motorcyclists. The air's warm but not too hot and the roads are less crowded. It's also a good time for treating yourself, such as relaxing in the spa. The chefs are busy with their pots and pans, preparing seasonal and regional delicacies for appreciative diners.

Winter – but no time to sleep

Lake Maggiore becomes more tranquil when the air cools: everything slows and shifts down a gear. But nothing actually stops! The winter's ideal for visiting museums, sipping cappuccino on a terrace, playing a round golf (in winter? Sure, the winters are mild down here!) or having fun with friends at Locarno on Ice on the Piazza Grande. That said, you can always find traditional things to do, too, like snow sports and so forth.

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