Dinosaurs Park

The Dinosaurs Park in the Rotonda is one of the big highlights of this summer in Locarno. 35 animated life-size dinosaurs that amaze children and adults alike and take us back 200 million years.

Jurassic Park in Locarno? Switzerland's largest park is stationed at the Rotonda in Locarno until 18 October and takes its visitors on a journey to a time when the world was inhabited by giant lizards. 7'ooo square metres to explore: 35 animated life-size dinosaurs to marvel at, touch, ride on and maybe even fear a little bit.

It can be a little scary if suddenly a T-Rex stands next to you, a Raptor comes running in your direction, a Styracosaurus opens its gigantic mouth with its sharp teeth or a Brachiosaurus stretches out its endlessly long neck. But it does not have to be! Because unlike 200 million years ago, the objects on display are tame despite their authenticity and can even be touched. If you are very brave you have the unique opportunity to ride a dinosaur. The 7'000 square metre park is decorated with plants that not only create the right atmosphere but also provide shade. There is also a restaurant and a picnic area. An educational tour in three languages (Italian, German and English) tells about and explains the exciting age when the world was populated by giant reptiles. For those who wish to have more information, it is possible to take part in an hour-long guided tour by appointment.

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