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April 2019

An exciting month lies ahead!

April is full of events to look forward to – after all, spring has officially begun, and with it the new season. And let's not forget that Easter's almost upon us! Focusing on two of the many events:

Cracking Art Ascona, 30 March to 30 June

The Cracking Art movement was founded in 1993 with the aim of transforming art through social and environmental engagement and creating a closer relationship between natural and artificial reality.

But what is Cracking Art? Giant colourful animals fashioned from recycled and recyclable plastic that are exhibited in public to make art accessible to all. For example, they've already been seen in cities as far apart as Shanghai, Seoul, Santiago de Chile and Milan. The gigantic snails, frogs and elephants are now gracing Ascona and adding a touch of colour to the charming resort on Lake Maggiore. So be on your guard next time you stroll, lost in thought, along the lakeside promenade or through the narrow alleyways.

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By the way...

Thanks to the project L'arte che regenera l'arte (Art that regenerates art), sculptures made especially for this event are on sale, with proceeds going towards the restoration of Ascona's chapels and frescoes.

Eventi letterari Monte Verità, 11-14 April

"On the shoulders of giants", the theme on which the seventh edition of Eventi letterari is based, is devoted to comparing the past, present and future. "We are like dwarfs perched on the shoulders of giants in a bid to see further than them." This aphorism, which inspired this year's literary festival, is attributed to the medieval thinker Bernard of Chartres.

Monte Verità has long been considered a spiritual and creative destination for intellectuals keen to reflect on stories and utopias. That continues to be the case: encounters that bring great minds of our time into dialogue with the masters who inspired them to create their works. Among the guests this year are the Israeli writer David Grossman and the Italian actress Laura Morante.

Attending one of the many events that take place over the four days on Monte Verità – at the Teatro del Gatto in Ascona and the PalaCinema in Locarno – presents an opportunity to see the world differently – reality or fantasy?

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