Sleepless night, 25 May

This year's nuit blanche event sees night turn into day and Locarno staying open late amid a relaxed, vibrant ambience. Shops, museums, art galleries and restaurants stay open for longer, the streets are filled with music and artists, and the smell of good food wafts in the air.

The late-night opening event is organised and offered by Locarno's chamber of commerce. It means that the music events, shows and admissions are free. Concerts and shows by street artists take place here there and everywhere throughout the town. Swiss folk/indie-rock band 77 Bombay Street is featured on stage in the Piazza Grande!

Night at the Museum...

You may know the amusing film Night at the Museum in which the exhibits come to life at night. The notte bianca offers visitors a glimpse of what it could be like, as the town's museums stay open till late.

The restaurants and bars are open longer hours, too, plus there's an eclectic range of food stalls and bars throughout the city.

On top of that, the organisers of some of the summer events will be showcasing their upcoming activities to put visitors in the mood: JazzAscona, Vallemaggia Magic Blues, Locarno Folk and the Locarno Film Festival.

An entertaining event for inaugurating the season in the streets of Locarno.

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