Highlights in 2020

Curious about what's in store for 2020? It's hard to say what might happen, but one thing is certain: it's full of surprises. Some events we can reveal:


Januar: Hip hip hooray on the January blues

Every year it comes back, the January blues. And we love it! After the holidays returns the calm. Relax but don't be bored, because there is always something going on in Ascona-Locarno! How does a day of pampering in the spa sound?

February: Carnival

Every village its carnival! The craziest time of the year on Lake Maggiore has a great tradition and is celebrated extensively with many small and big occasions. February, the month of the jesters!

March: start of the Ascona-Locarno season

Camellias blooming on Lake Maggiore and boats plying the lake: it must be the start of the tourist season! The Locarno Camellia exhibition will be held from 25 to 29 March.

April: new show at the Locarno Falconry

Springs marks the launch of an amazing new show at the Locarno Falconry. It'll capture your imagination!

May: inauguration of the International Centre for Sculpture

Following two years of construction, the CIS Centre for Sculpture in Peccia (Lavizzara) is opening its doors on 2 May. The focus is on fascinating exhibitions and high calibre international art.

June: JazzAscona Groovin’up

JazzAscona's new "Groovin'up" platform finds a fresh young breeze blowing in Ascona. From 25 June to 4 July, it offers young musicians (18-25) the opportunity to gain stage experience. We can't wait!

July: Moon&Stars Locarno

"What are you waiting for?" Gwen Stefani's song says it all. Get your Moon&Stars 2020 tickets now – don't miss out! Major acts like Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, James Blunt and Gwen Stefani will be rocking the Piazza Grande from 9 to 19 July.

August: Locarno Film Festival

The red carpet for this amazing open-air cinema in the Piazza Grande is again being rolled out this year. The stars honouring us with their presence between 5 and 15 August are yet to be announced. Spotlights on for #Locarno73!

September: Settimane Musicali Ascona

The oldest and most highly regarded classical music festival in Italian-speaking Switzerland is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The occasion is being marked with great music by the Budapest Festival Orchestra, Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula and Rachel Fenlon. Join in the celebrations between 2 September and 15 October!

October: Ascona-Locarno Run

You're now able to travel free by train to the most scenic run in Switzerland. Want a relaxed start? Register for the race (17-18 October), arrive the previous day by train, indulge yourself in one of the hotels on Lake Maggiore and get a good night's sleep. That's how it works!

November: Locarno on Ice is back

Locarno on Ice 2019 is still in full swing and preparations for 2020 are already underway. Also next year, starting at the end of November, the ice rink and igloo bars in the Piazza Grande create a sparkling atmosphere.

December: inauguration of the Ceneri base railway tunnel

Ticino is moving closer together, as well as closer to the north. The 15.4 km base tunnel between Locarno and Lugano will cut almost 30 minutes off journey times. It's due to open from December, so get ready to board the train for a spot of dolce vita!

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