Treasure hunts in Ascona-Locarno

Discover the five treasure hunts in Ascona-Locarno that will help you unravel the secrets of the region. Locarno, Cardada-Cimetta, Ascona, Tenero and the Brissago Islands are waiting for you.

There is a hidden treasure on the shores of Lake Maggiore. And the task of finding it is entrusted to all those budding youngs who want to test themselves and show the world they truly are brave! Only children – and all those who are still young at heart – hold the key to finding the lost treasure, which was hidden in five different places.

Five adventures for all the family in search of clues and riddles that will solve the greatest mystery of all: where is the buried treasure? The hunt is on!
Will you choose to search for it among the exotic plants of the Brissago Islands, the ultimate Treasure Island? Or on the mountain with unmissable views of Cardada Cimetta, where even today a pirate ship commemorates lost time? Or how about right in the middle of the Old Town of Locarno, among ancient stories, castles and legends? Perhaps in Ascona, hunting for secrets hidden by the narrow streets that intertwine in the Borgo? Or maybe in Tenero, where the beach might be a good hiding place for loot? Wherever you choose to carry out your search, only those of you with a true pirate heart and a touch of cunning will be able to find the hidden treasure of Lake Maggiore. Ask for the map and start hunting, a prize awaits you at the end of your search but you will soon discover that what matters is what you find along the way.

One more thing... If you want to be a pirate, you have to talk like a real pirate. Here are some of Pardy’s favourite colourful expressions that will help you gain the respect of your bilge rat crew.

Ahoy! – Hello!
Arrr! – It means practically anything, use it as much as you can.
Avast - Definitely
Aye! – Yes
Loot – Treasure.
Buccaneer, Freebooter, Corsair
Brigantine, Carrack, Caravel, Clipper, Cocca, Corvette, Frigate, Gallivat, Galea, Galleon, Gulet, Sloop
– Types of ship
Port, Starboard, Bow, Stern – Directions, in order: left, right, front, back
Big Blue – The sea
Latrine - Toilet
Davy Jones’ Locker – Bottom of the sea (meaning the place where those who fall into the sea go to die)
Hoist the sails - To leave
Scandal, bilge rat – Criminal; these are also ways to make fun of fellow pirates or names to call the lower ranks of the crew.
Slop – Food

Body of a thousand whales!
By Ahab’s beard!
For all buccaneers!
To arms!
By Blackbeard’s blindfold!
Yo ho ho!


The most important thing you have to remember is to always exaggerate whenever you’re telling a story. Pirates like to blow their deeds out of proportion.
Now you’re ready to set off on an adventure. Have fun!

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