A wellness holiday on Lake Maggiore

How about a relaxing holiday in Ticino? Autumn is the ideal time to recharge your batteries with a wellness day and store up energy. Let yourself be pampered in modern wellness centres and relaxing hotel spas. Thanks to our region’s Wellness Destination recognition, you can rest assured that what is on offer is of the highest level.


The picturesque villages on the shores of Lake Maggiore and the beautiful valley scenery provide the ideal backdrop to relax, forget your troubles and recharge your batteries. Ascona-Locarno is a 360° wellness destination that can meet all your relaxation needs: spas and wellness treatments to reinvigorate the body combined with beautiful views, art and traditions to nourish the mind.

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience with a mountain view, sport to chase away the stress, a dip in the lake in the summer sun or an outdoor coffee, this is truly the place where you can take some time for yourself, with your other half, friends or on your own, far from the stresses and strains of everyday life. With four wellness centres and five hotels with spas, the choice is vast. It’s time to give yourself a proper break: stop thinking and worrying, leave work tensions behind and immerse yourself in the gurgling silence of water in a world of wellness. Hot thermal baths a stone’s throw from the lake that banish overthinking, a Finnish sauna and Turkish bath to eliminate toxins and Kneipp water therapy to rebalance your mind before finishing with a nice relaxing massage to relieve tension. Don’t forget to rest awhile in the beautiful relaxation area, sipping flavoured water or delicious tea.

Wellness is a harmony between mind, body and nature. Relieving tension through sport helps to actively reduce stress, visiting energising locations will refresh your mind and feeling small in the face of the immense beauty of nature allows you to clear your mind of worries.

Harmonising with the rhythms of nature forces us to slow down, breathe and enjoy the moment. Our head empties and our awareness increases. In this environment sport is the ideal solution for venting pent-up energy and releasing stress through physical activity. The range of sporting activities that can be practised in our region leaves plenty of room for imagination, personal preferences and, why not, trying something new. Rediscover your balance with a yoga session on the Saas da Grüm yoga trail, or set out on an energy route and recharge your batteries in powerful sites such as the Pagani cave in Arcegno, the church in Mogno or the Foroglio waterfall. Relaxing rounds of golf, intense running or mountain bike sessions, or why not even a shot of adrenaline with some extreme sports? Step by step, your emotions will intensify and your thoughts will find peace as your body regenerates. In perfect harmony.

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