Chestnut festivals at Lago Maggiore


Autumn has finally arrived; the woods are tinged with warm golden hues and the ground is a carpet of leaves and chestnuts waiting to be found. It is the season of family warmth, traditions and, of course, roasted chestnuts that dance happily on the fire.

Here are some traditional festivals in our region where you can enjoy the long-awaited chestnuts roasted by the chestnut vendor.

23.09.2018 Chestnut Festival, Indemini (Gambarogno)

30.09.2018 Chestnut Festival, Cugnasco-Gerra

30.09.2018 Chestnut Festival, Magadino

05.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Locarno

06.10.2018 Autumn Festival, Ascona

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Arcegno (d'autunno)

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Brione s/Minusio

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Brissago

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Gordola (Festa d'autunno) CANCELED

07.10.2018 Chestnut and craft fair, Quartino 

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, S. Abbondio (Gambarogno)

07.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Sonogno

13.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Ascona

14.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Cevio 

14.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Cugnasco

14.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Riazzino-Montedato

14.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Ronco s/Ascona

14.10.2018 Chestnut Festival, Vairano (Gambarogno)

20.10.2018 Chestnut festival, Intragna-Golino

21.10.2018 Chestnut festival, Capanna Al Legn, Brissago

21.10.2018 Chestnut festival, Losone

27.10.2018 Chestnut festival, Campo Cortoi Mergoscia

03.11.2018 Chestnut Festival, Russo


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