Falconeria Locarno


Spectacular shows with birds of prey like eagles, hawks and owls.

Experience a close encounter with majestic birds of prey at the Falconry in Locarno, where you will be able to observe and photograph eagles, hawks, owls and vultures. These beautiful birds, flying free, will lead you into a dimension where man and nature meet, in a natural and animal friendly place. Enjoy the breathtaking show! Come and visit us any time. We provide sheltered seating, both for the sunny summer days or the few rainy ones! This year’s news is dedicated to the little ones!

We also offer the possibility to host your very special birthday party at the falconry, living magic and unforgettable moments.


Winter Opening from 8th November 2017 to 10th of March 2018:

  • from Wednesday to Sunday: 13.00h - 16.00h
  • Monday and Tuesday closed
  • closed 25th of December

Show hours:

  • Saturday and Sunday 14.00h


Seasonal Opening from March November 2018:

  • from Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00h - 17.00h
  • Monday closed - Holidays open
  • July and August always open

Show hours:

  • Morning at 11.00h
  • Afternoon at 15.00h

Park Hours: view park hours



Via delle Scuole 12, 6600 Locarno


[email protected]


+41 91 751 95 86


  • Family Destination Label


  • Suitable for families