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Discovering Lake Maggiore and the surrounding landscapes on board of a boat of the “Navigazione del Lago Maggiore” is a unique experience. In this corner of the planet, where the lake has the intense colors of the south and where the landscapes are of an enchanting beauty, a cruise will make your holiday unforgettable. From the lake you can enjoy the diversity of our region: the water is contrasting, but also reflecting the mountains, the towns and pretty villages on the shore and on the hills. 

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The ‘Navigazione del Lago Maggiore’ offers, in a confined space and time, the excitement of a small cruise experience of back in the days and is an experience we can recommend everyone. As soon as the boat leaves the pier, the landscape changes and the panoramas on the horizon will make you speechless: moving away from the shore you capture the overview of the region, with picturesque villages that are reflected in the waters and a crown of mountains all around. Dive into an enchanting world during a stop at the Brissago or Borromee islands, small botanical paradises, and rich in cultural history.


Whenever the boats berth in one of the charming villages on the banks of the lake, get the chance to go for a walk or a tasty local dish for lunch. The beautiful Islands, the natural reserve of Magadino or the Falconeria in Locarno are just some of the attractions to be discovered during the cruise.


With the ticket "Lago Maggiore Express" you can extend your lake cruise to a round trip and return with a panoramic train through the gorgeous Centovalli. And there are several lookout points on the hills around Lake Maggiore to gaze down on the Mediterranean waters and to enjoy the scenic panorama from above: For example Ronco-sopra-Ascona, or Cardada Cimetta, Locarno’s landmark mountain.


The boat route between Magadino and Locarno is replaced by the AutoPostale 329 Dirinella-Magadino-Cadenazzo-Sant’Antonino and TILO S20 Biasca-Bellinzona-Locarno.


Timetable boats NLM 

Timetable boats Locarno-Arona 25.03. - 14.10.2018

Timetable boats Arona-Locarno 25.03. - 14.10.2018


For more information and prices, please visit the website of the "Navigazione Lago Maggiore":



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