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The song of the valley. 
A theatrical journey through the Centovalli.

Coming home, for Mauro, means to return to the valley, to an other time. It will also be his last trip to Camedo. He will sell the house of his grandmother and tear down all bridges to the past. But in the valley of thousand valleys, reality, magic, memories und poetry weave into each other. Mauros journey transforms into a ride to other realities. Spirits of the valley, mythical creatures, fantastical beings, memories arise. All assemble in an effort to convince Mauro to not bargain with his indentity. Where will this adventure, between songs, dances, fears, agressions, melancholy, lead …?

Our theatrical journey will begin in Verscio. It is from here that the public, with the actors and the “Bandella” will depart on their ride up the valley. In Intragna, Coracapolo, Verdasio, Cadanza and Camedo the train station and its surrounding will become the stages for our story. Arrived in Camedo we will invite to the big feast: an intriguing finale scene concluding with a delicious traditinal meal, accompanied with wine and music.

directed by Livio Andreina
author: Flavio Stroppini
Set design, costumes, masks: Anna Maria Glaudemans
composition, musical direction: Oliviero Giovannoni

with Masha Dimitri, Marco Cupellari and forty musicians and actors from the region.

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20 July, opening night
27/28/29/31 July
2/3/4/7/8/9/10/14/15/16/17/ 23/24 August

The show takes place in any weather.

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A project of WERKSTATT FÜR THEATER, Lucerne, in collaboration with the Ferrovie Centovalli – Vigezzina and the Teatro Dimitri Verscio.


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