So varied is coffee in Ascona-Locarno 

Did you know that according to statistics from the International Coffee Organisation Switzerland is one of the world’s biggest consumers of coffee, with an average of three coffees a day each? 

Ticino has inherited much of the coffee culture from neighbouring Italy, so much so that the black gold has also become an integral part of our tradition.

Here, coffee is reserved for breakfast, after meals and for breaks during the day. It should be drunk short, dense and creamy: espresso or caffè liscio. A little cup of coffee is always an opportunity to take a break, a treat for your palate and your mood. Here in Ascona-Locarno we prefer to drink our coffee at a table in a lakeside bar, in the shade of the palm trees, with the warmth of the sun's rays playing between the leaves, in complete relaxation.

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Thanks to its close links with Italian culture, there’s a huge range of different types of coffee available on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Get creative and try something new! Share a picture of your favourite coffee with us on social media using the hashtag #myasconalocarno.


  • Espresso (or caffè liscio)
    A normal coffee in a small cup. A timeless classic.
  • Caffè macchiato caldo
    An espresso with a dash of hot milk.
  • Caffè macchiato freddo
    An espresso with a dash of cold milk served on the side.
  • Macchiatone
    A double espresso macchiato caldo with a dollop of foam.
  • Caffè schiumato
    Similar to a macchiato, but with steamed milk foam.
  • Caffè decaffeinato
    Or decaf, to its friends. A normal coffee but without the energising effects of the caffeine.
  • Caffè corretto
    An espresso with a dash of grappa, sambuca or another liqueur. Our favourite is grappa ticinese!
  • Caffè doppio
    Two in one!
  • Caffè lungo
    A longer coffee than usual. More for your money and lighter to boot.
  • Caffè americano
    A caffè lungo with the addition of hot water, for those who like a less intense flavour.
  • Caffè ristretto
    The opposite to a caffè lungo: a coffee with a denser and more intense flavour.
  • Caffè con panna
    With whipped cream - simply delicious!
  • Caffè orzo
    Not exactly coffee but with a barley flavour all of its own. Can also be drunk as a macchiato.
  • Caffè ginseng
    Infused with the flavour of ginseng. Can also be drunk as a macchiato.
  • Cappuccino
    The most popular. Coffee made with steamed milk.
  • Cappuccino with extra foam
    Because you can never have too much foam!
  • Cappuccino with cocoa powder
    Cappuccino with a dusting of cocoa powder on top.
  • Mocaccino
    A cappuccino with the addition of a dash of hot chocolate.
  • Marocchino
    A little glass of coffee with hot chocolate in the bottom, espresso, cocoa powder and cream. Perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up!
  • Schiumotto
    Just foam. A favourite with the kids.
  • Latte macchiato
    Neither a cappuccino nor a caffelatte nor a caffè macchiato. A glass of milk with a dash of coffee.
  • Caffelatte
    Coffee in a glass of steamed milk.
  • Crema di caffè
    A summer classic, part ice cream, part granita.
  • Caffè shakerato
    Sugar, ice and coffee all shaken up together. The result is a frothy iced drink ideal for the warmest months.
  • Caffè con ghiaccio
    Another summer classic: an espresso with an ice cube.

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