Ice cream flavors you have to try

Licking homemade ice cream while taking a sunbathe in Ascona-Locarno. A visit to the Gelateria to try new delicious ice cream varieties is inevitable.

It may be a cliché but it's true! In warm weather, stroll leisurely in the sun along the lakeside promenade or across the Piazza Grande and savour an artisan ice cream. While you're in Ascona-Locarno, gelato is as much a part of the experience as the 2300 hours of sunshine per year.

And with so much sunshine, why stop at one ice cream? After all, there are so many flavours to try! Everyone's familiar with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, the three classic flavours that you find everywhere. But a good many ice cream parlours have special varieties, or even their own creations. Their creativity knows no bounds and even includes inspiration from the herb garden: how about chocolate and basil, honey and rosemary or pineapple and sage? Choosing something at the counter is a real challenge, what with tubs full to overflowing with this creamy delicacy. Here are five flavours to track down when you next visit a gelateria in Ascona-Locarno – they're only (or almost only) available here:

Farina bóna
Farina bóna ("good flour") is made from roasted maize and is an ancient tradition from the Onsernone valley. As a Slow Food, it's still produced the traditional way. The taste is reminiscent of popcorn – so yummy! So, how about some popcorn ice cream?

Merlot del Ticino
Merlot is a characteristic Ticino wine. How about a frozen version of it in a crispy cornet wafer?

Uva Americana
A very aromatic grape variety, which grows mainly in Ticino and is often used for distilling grappa. The Americana grape itself is a personal preference – you either like it or you don't! But everyone loves the ice cream made from it!

When ripe, the fruit's soft skin and granular flesh melt on the tongue. Although rather exotic for the rest of Switzerland, figs grow here on Lake Maggiore and lend the ice cream a superb aroma.

Also known as kaki, this fruit is not a typical Swiss product. Thanks to the mild temperatures in winter, however, it thrives here in Ticino. It's harvested after summer's over to be made into wonderful-tasting desserts – such as ice cream.

Have we sparked your curiosity? Next time you're in the gelateria, while you may find it hard to look beyond your favourite flavour, why not risk giving the more exotic ones a try – especially those you only find here!

The region's grotti are known for their typical dishes, such as polentabrasato and risotto. But have you ever taken a look at their desserts?

Especially those with a dash of something strong, such as walnut ice cream with nocino (walnut liqueur), grape sorbet with grappa, lemon sorbet with limoncello or grapefruit sorbet with Campari. A wonderful non-alcoholic alternative is affogato (vanilla ice cream with coffee). Alongside the sorbets are freshly made fruit tarts, torta di pane (traditional bread cakes) and panna cotta. These delicacies are available in the grotti and restaurants throughout the Ascona-Locarno region. Enjoy! What type of ice cream are you? Find your personal favorite ice cream and share it with #myasconalocarno on social media.

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