Ascona-Locarno, a region for falling in love

Spend a romantic weekend with your loved one in Ascona-Locarno and experience moments of joy together.

Flirting has to be learned: When it comes to flirting, most of us probably have in mind two people making contact without committing to each other. But flirting is so much more than just flattering someone with sweet words or fluttering eyelashes at them. Proper flirting has to be learned! Once you know how it works, there's nothing can stand in your way – because flirting keeps love alive – and you in a good mood!

So that all goes according to plan, here are some suggestions to boost your creativity and give you all the self-confidence you need. Smile, and the world smiles with you:

  • Feel good all over: Before you can coax a smile from others, you have to feel good about yourself. How does that work? By enjoying the La Dolce Vita under the Ticino sun.

  • Relax in a spa: Feel weightless in the pool water, sweat out the stress of everyday life in the sauna and treat yourself to a massage. So how about surprising your loved one with a romantic spa weekend in Ascona-Locarno?

  • The way to the heart is through the stomach: As the saying goes, the way to the heart is through the stomach – and we think that's true. A lovely dinner for two by moonlight in the promenade or a sumptuous lunch with the whole family in a grotto – good food in good company is always welcome!

  • A romance with nature: To keep body and mind in shape we need exercise and fresh air: a few steps from the coffee bar to the aperitif, a walk along a footpath (of which there are 1400 kilometres), jogging by the lake before breakfast, or a high-octane tour on two wheels on one of the three official MTB trails.

  • Find the right accommodation: The choice of accommodation is key. Luckily Ascona-Locarno has something for every taste, from mountain refuges to luxury hotels. Find out about the latest offers – it'll pay off handsomely!

At the same time, don't neglect tried-and-tested favourites such as flowers and compliments.

The beauty and fragrance of a flower can trigger emotions and transport you to another dimension for a while. That's what happens on Lake Maggiore in spring, when the camellias and magnolias bear their glorious blooms and their scent hangs heavy in the air.

Are you in love with the world? Share your happiest / most romantic holiday moments using #myasconalocarno.

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