Sport for every taste in Ascona-Locarno

There are those who love sport and those who do not love it at all. Then there are those from Ticino who love La Dolce Vita first and foremost.

Sport has its devotees as well as its detractors. The devotees are those who love being physically active and taking part in sports, while the detractors prefer the sofa or lounger – or, quite simply, are interested in other things in life than sport. Of course, there's also a grey area, comprising all those who love being physically active, but are equally happy lounging around doing nothing.

Then there's the Ticino. The people from Ticino like La Dolce Vita!
Who says that sport has to be about physical exertion and sweat? It can be so much more than always wanting to be the best. Scopa in Ticino is a popular pastime that involves skill as well as camaraderie. It's a card game played amongst friends, mainly in the canton's grotti, and accompanied by a glass or two of white merlot and a platter of air-cured meat and salami. The aim of the game is to reach 11 or 21 points as quickly as possible – depending on how much time and patience you have.

Other popular pastimes in Ticino are scala 40, a card game similar to rummy: the winner is the first player to get rid of all his cards. Not forgetting morra, a traditional hand game that's not unlike rock–paper–scissors: instead of symbols, numbers are displayed with the fingers and shouted out loud at the same time.

Anyone looking for an active alternative to the aforementioned traditional Ticino pastimes will find a wide range of activities in the Ascona-Locarno region: 1400 km of groomed footpaths, running trails, three official MTB routes, cycle paths, water sports, golf, climbing – or paragliding for those who prefer a bird's eye view. The stunning mountains, the Mediterranean climate, the fragrance of exotic plants and the lake create just the right atmosphere, no matter which activity you choose. Outdoor or Ticino recreational pastime? Share your sporting moments using #myasconalocarno.

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