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The Brissago Islands: the only botanical garden on an island in Switzerland

The park contains numerous species of flowers and subtropical plants which have been cultivated outdoors thanks to a particularly favourable microclimate. The climate is what distinguishes this botanical garden of the Canton Ticino from other botanical gardens in Switzerland. The restaurant terrace on the Isole di Brissago is an ideal place to relax and refresh oneself.

Botanical Park of Gambarogno:
The park lies between Piazzogna and Vairano (on the Gambarogno Riviera) on the top of a hill which seems to dive into the lake. In a total area of over 17’000m2, Otto Eisenhut’s expertise has created a park which contains numerous plants: around 950 different types of camellias and almost as many types of magnolias, plus azaleas, peonies and rhododendrons. The park is surrounded by pine trees, junipers, ivy and exotic fir trees.

Italian markets:
Like the idea of visiting one of the colourful, highly popular Italian markets without the bother of looking for a parking place? It is quite possible if you go by boat: Sundays at Cannobio, Wednesdays at Luino and Saturdays at Intra.

The Borromeo Islands (Isole Borromeo)
Be enchanted by the incomparable beauty of Isola Madre, with its wealth of rare plants, exotic flowers and wildlife. On the Isola dei Pescatori you can visit the picturesque settlement still inhabited by a small community of fishermen. Isola Bella's Palazzo Borromeo has a fascinating park laid out on ten terraces descending towards the lake.
www.borromeoturismo.it or www.isole-borromeo.it

Lago Maggiore Express:
An unforgettable excursion, leaving daily from Locarno. Admire the fascinating shores of Lake Maggiore and visit the Borromeo Islands then, after a short stop at Stresa, go on by train to Domodossola. The return journey from Domodossola is through the enchanting Centovalli region. You can also do the tour in the opposite direction.

Villa Taranto and Intra (Verbania):
Visiting the well-known Villa Taranto is an unforgettable experience of beauty: avenues of azaleas, maple trees, rhododendrons and camellias; gardens with over 300 types of dahlias and a whole range of colours during the autumn blooming time. Intra is a tourist and industrial town.The pier, built in the late 1800’s, reflects the passion that this town has always had for navigation. Intra is one of the major stopping places on the lake.

Villa Pallavicino and Stresa:
Villa Pallavicino lies about 500m away from Stresa. Its park is well-known for the variety of its secular trees, the beauty of its flowers and gardens and the view afforded onto the lake and mountains. The park also contains numerous animals which live in freedom. A breathtaking picture greets the tourist arriving in Stresa for the first time. On the one hand the gorgeous lakefront scene lined with palm trees, gardens full of flowers and imposing hotels. On the other hand, looking out towards the lake, the Isole Borromeo seem to rise out of the water as if by magic.
www.parcozoopallavicino.it and www.stresa.org



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