A journey through time aboard the historic train



Every trip is a special occasion to experience a journey in an atmosphere of yesteryear aboard a historic train composed of the 1963 ABDe 6/6 electric train and an AB4 wagons from 1923.
A plunge into the past on the route between Locarno and Camedo.

For groups of up to 40 people it is possible to organise the trip on the planned dates (18.07/ 22.08 / 19.09 / 10/10). The group programme can be customised.

For groups of 40 to 100 people it is possible to reserve the historical train on the desired date.

When: July - October
Days: Sundays as scheduled or on request
Duration: 3 h
Where: Centovalli
Number of participants (min./max.): 10/100
Price p.p.: starting from 20 CHF


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