Lies along the right shore of Lake Maggiore, 196 metres above sea level. The centre is situated along the lakeshore while the rest is spread over terraced hills at 400 metres. The region benefits from a mild subtropical climate with varied vegetation where camellias and mimosas grow side by side with oaks, chestnuts and gentians.

The mountain culminates in the Ghiridone, 2200 metres high. Lake and hills offer wonderful possibilities: sailing, windsurfing, swimming, tennis, boat trips, walks and many mountain hikes as well. A village with a clear tourist call, it also has a local industry in the shape of the Tobacco Factory which is world-famous for its cigars.

Monuments to be cited are the churches of Madonna di Ponte and SS. Pietro e Paolo, in pure renaissance style (Bramantine), the 17th-century Palazzo Branca, the Sacro Monte chapel, the "Bosco Sacro" or "Holy Wood" where the laburnum grows (a small tree with clusters of yellow flowers common in temperate climates).

A harmonious combination of lake and mountains, Brissago brings together north and south in a perfect play of light and colour.



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