Guided tour of the farina bóna mills


Accompanied by a local guide, you will set off to discover the production of the farina bóna or farina sec'a, a traditional type of flour of the Onsernone Valley, at the mills in the charming village of Vergeletto. During the tour, you will stop at the current production laboratory, where there is a toasting oven and an electric mill. After a brief historical outline and a short stop at Vergeletto’s Bottega, you will go on to the main mill, where you can follow the milling activity. Then, you will reach the "Ulüc" mill, where the corn is toasted in a fireplace, and the "Venenzi" mill, where the miller’s apartment is located. Finally, you will sample several gastronomical specialties made with farina bóna, Slow Food's brand since 2008 without gluten.

Period: every Tuesday from June to October

easy (suitable trekking equipment is recommended)
Duration: approx. 1,5 h
When: every Tuesday from 14.00 a.m. to 15.30 (all-weather)
Price: CHF 15.- per person, including a small gift. Discounts for groups, on request (tel 078 709 48 85)
Information: Museo Onsernonese, 6661 Loco - tel. 079 337 34 22 (Marisa Giorgi), [email protected]
Must book no later than Monday before the tour at 18h.
Min. number of participants: 3
Meeting place: in the main place of Vergeletto, at 14.00 a.m.



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