Perhaps one of the last true village shops, located in the "cellars" in an old mansion at the time used as a Tavern with lodging, La Botega brings together under one roof, all typical products of Valle Lavizzara and Maggia Valley in general.

The famous Alpe cheeses, Formaggelle, the Formaggini goat, goat cheese, charcuterie The nostrana, Honey, Grappa and Spirits, Wines, Flour, Fresh bread, Panettone (Poncini and Rovana), Confitture homemade, The beer Bozz (Ticino 100%), gift stone, and much more.

Also there are generic food (pasta, rice, etc.),
Fresh fruit and vegetables, household and body care products.
In short, a little gem in a beautiful valley.


  • Cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Specialties
  • Wine

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