Mauro Rossi - mountain guide


Experience the mountains with a mountain guide

Mauro Rossi mountain guide and mountaineering teacher since 1980.

Mauro works as a mountain guide and mountaineering teacher not only accompanying people and teaching climbing techniques, but also sharing the essence of the wonderful places visited. He advises and practices on how to improve your climbing technique, mountaineering, walking, breathing during these activities and the relationship with yourself.

He makes your dreams come true.

The mountain guide speaks Italian, French and English.

Upcoming events:

  • Outdoor climbing also for families and children in Ponte Brolla. From two hours to one or more days
  • Climbing and trekking for children and families (Basodino area)
  • Climbing on the Sambuco dam
  • Trekking in Ticino from 1 to 5 days
  • Basodino glaciological path
  • Basodino mountaineering ascent
  • Adula mountaineering climb (the Queen of Ticino)


  • Climbing


  • Natural parks