Mecrì Museum Foundation



The Mecrì Museum Foundation was opened in 2014 and is located in an old house in the settlement of Mondacce in Minusio. The collection held by the foundation consists primarily of works and documents by Aldo Crivelli, one of the key figures on Ticino’s 20th-century cultural scene. The foundation’s exhibitions and research have two main focuses: promoting the artistic and documentary heritage of Aldo Crivelli and a programme of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary figurative artists.

Alternating exhibitions linked to Crivelli's interests with contemporary art shows, the foundation gives rise to a dialogue between generations and different artistic expressions, respecting the attitude that has always characterised Aldo Crivelli of looking both to the past and the present, without geographical or thematic limitations.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 14.00h - 17.00h
Sunday 10.00h - 12.00h / 14.00h - 17.00h

or by appointment, by calling +41 (0)91 745 20 88.


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