SOMARELLI - Trekking and adventure with animals



Trekking and adventures with animals
With our friendly quadrupeds it’s possible to discover the beautiful landscapes surrounding the region, as well as the best techniques to work with these stubborn animals.
We organize trekking for families, individuals, groups and companies.
People in love with animals and nature can enjoy one-day trekkings and also programs with a duration of several days...


Trekking with animals in the Blenio Valley

A trekking without having to carry a heavy backpack! A nice excursion with lots of fun and a relaxing break. Some animals will carry the backpacks and some others, like donkeys and mules, will carry the people. If you wish, we can prepare a nice snack with our LOCAL PRODUCTS.


Trekking for families

Not all the kids are passionate about mountain hikes. However, hiking with an animal - maybe even riding it - its surely more interesting and the enthusiasm can grow a lot...


Incentives (MICE) for companies

We are an innovative and bilingual partner. Thanks to a combination of talents, targeted competencies and various resources, we can offer to our clients special events. We specialize in group events and have several team building projects ready for you. Some proposals are suitable for company gatherings or for a special event for your team. The animals will remain the center of attention but are not the only challenge!


Birthdays, anniversaries or family gatherings

Are you planning to organize a party? Are you willing to throw a special party to a beloved one? We plan birthdays, jubilations, bachelor parties, kids parties and so much more. We will be outside, in the nature with the animals enjoying the fresh air. Of course, the culinary aspect will have its importance too!




  • Suitable for families
  • Eco-friendly


  • Incentive

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