Sentiero Collina Alta


Winter walking hikes in our region.
Description of the itinerary:


A nice walk along the Collina Alta ("High Hill"), on the trail that takes you from Locarno Monti to Contra: it's an easy walk suitable for the whole family. This interesting trail, approximately 6 km long, is accessible all year round. From Orselina's funicular-station (378 m. above sea level) it's a half a kilometre walk to reach the church of Locarno Monti, consecrated to the Holy Trinity. In this sacred building some of the most notable works of the local XVIII century's artist Baldassarre Orelli's are exhibited. Next to the church you will find the steps which take you up to Via Patocchi: 30 meters ahead to the left is the beginning of the trail that winds through the woods to Orselina (AllEco, 546 m.). Staying on your left, following the narrow street (closed to the traffic), you will quickly reach the fork (detour) with the track heading uphill to San Bernardo. Staying on your right, keep following the level trail which leads you to the forest path of Brione s/Minusio (580 m.). After a downhill stretch on this forest path you will arrive at the chapel "Capela Rota" (in Ticino, such witnesses which prove the very deep link people had with religion in the past can be found even in very inaccessible places) and continuing further to the Val Resa's road. From this road, it's a short way to the village of Contra (478 m.). From Contra, a line-bus will take you back to Orselina.

Requested time: approx. 3 1/2 h.


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