Snowscoot: trend sport on the snow



The Snowscoot is the annual novelty that Ticino offers on the slopes! The snowscoot is a special tool, which is a mix between a classic snowboard and a bmx bike. Thanks to the handlebars, which closely resemble that of a bmx, you can slip on the snow. The athlete uses the same moves as a normal skier, bends his knees and his arms, as if he is skiing. This sport is really perfect for those who are not able to ski: in fact it is much easier to stay in balance.

TICINOFREERIDE is a local young company that aims to propose new sport that combine the passion for sport and nature. In fact, this winter the snowscoot will be presented in several occasions in the major ski resorts in the canton.


  • Alpine skiing and snowboard
  • Sledges and snow activities
  • Snowpark


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