The art path of the Verzasca Valley



The artistic path in Valley Verzasca is one of a kind, uniting the artistic beauty of the works exhibited along the path with the natural beauty of the valley's landscape. Along the path, organized by the Ticino section of the SPSAS in collaboration with the Tenero and Valley Verzasca tourist office, Swiss, Italian and German artists have exhibited their work. There are 20 works altogether (34 at the beginnning), created with different materials and techniques of the artists Josef Briechle, Pietro Capra, Sandra Eades, Helmut Eingenmann, Ivano Facchinetti, Patricia Jacomella Bonola, Eric Kappeler, Antonio Luond, Steff Luthi, Penelope M. Mackworth-Praed, Ernest Oeschger, Rafaella Ortelli Spinedi, Giorgio Scarmi, Ernesto Scippa, Renato Tagli, Piero Tedoldi, Rudolf Tschudin, Fahdil el Ukrufi, Hanspeter Wespi, Silvia Riesen, Gerardo Wuthier and Nicola Colombo.

The works are very varied and colorful: from stone statues to painting on wood, from constructions in sheet steel to painted ceramics. The artists used metal, wood, steel, glass, iron, stone to "decorate" the surrounding Nature. Passers-by are "accompanied" along the trail and are invited from time to time to discover the works and their surroundings.

It winds along 4.5 km and is suitable for all walkers. In one place the art walk overlaps the large path of the Valley Verzasca, which goes from Gordola all the way up to Sonogno in the upper valley.

Download the information flyer of this footpath in PDF version.


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