The project of the National Park Locarno


The Wild South of Switzerland
The National Park of Locarno is situated in the “Wild South” of Switzerland: exactly where the European and African tectonic plates collide. It is a region of extremes, steep and rugged, with deep canyons, thundering torrents and covered in jungle-like forests. The German news magazine “Der Spiegel” once called the region “At the end of the world – in the middle of Europe” and wrote: “Here visitors from busy cities can not only leave the noise of civilisation behind them, but also discover a wild and untamed nature” and in 1964 Max Frisch chose the Onsernone valley as his refuge and was inspired by the forces of nature in his tale “Man in the Holocene”.

The National Park of Locarno is a joint project of 8 communes and 12 patricians in the region aimed at enhancing and protecting an area of extraordinary beauty and unique, which extends from the Brissago Islands on Lake Maggiore, to the village of Bosco Gurin, the only settlement Valser of Ticino. Over a distance of just 35 km from the park rises 193 meters above sea level the shores of Lake Maggiore up to 2'863 m.s.m. of Wandfluhhorn (PizzoBiela), from a subtropical to alpine climate.

The draft National Park aims to enhance all the treasures in this area, in collaboration with various organizations, associations and the public, promoting tourism and regional products, in order to inject new impetus to the development of sustainablethroughout the region.



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