17° Workshop internazionale di canto Voci audaci


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17th International Singing Workshop Voci Audaci
OSA! hopes to make the Vocal Music Workshops Voci Audaci happen again. The workshops will be held in Losone near Locarno at La fabbrica from the 16th to 19th of July, of course in accordance with the physical distance and other guidelines of the Swiss Confederation.
There will be 7 different classes of 2 hours per day, some with two levels, freely to be combined as desired. They will be held by the international workshop leaders Charles Razsl (Brazil, Barbatuques group): Body percussion and Afro Brazilian Songs, Ilaria Orefice and Giovanni Bortoluzzi (Sardinia, Sherden Overtone Singing School): Overtone Singing; Oskar Boldre (Italy, choir director Goccia di voci and Ancore d'aria): Vocal Improvisation and Circlesong Conduction.
A regenerating idea for those who wish to spend their holidays in Ticino, on the singing island of La fabbrica.

Inscription by June 12th (our confirmation by June 15th)
Information and registration: [email protected]
tel. +41 (0)76 4336838

program: www.organicoscenaartistica.ch


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