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Antipode (derived from the greek word antipodi) means against the foot and is used to describe humans living on the diametrically opposite side of the globe – stand­ing upside down with their feet against ours. Rather than focusing on opposition in the sense of a hierarchi­cal juxtaposition, the exhibition Antipode explores balance, reciprocity and transitional moments in artistic processes. The exhibition features artists from three language regions in Switzerland who – inside the poet­ics of their art – deal with formal or textual opposites. 

With the Swiss artists Byron Gago, Chris Handberg & Markus Aebersold, Martina Lu?scher, Fabian Matz, Philip Ortelli, Viola Poli, Nicolas Polli, Marie Schumann, Paulo Wirz, Shannon Zwicker.

Exhibition curated by Andrina Keller, Sarah Mu?hlebach and Carolina Sanchez.


Vernissage: Saturday 5th May 2018, at 18.00h.


Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday 14.00h - 18.00h
Monday and on holidays closed



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