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The spaces of the Sinopia at the Museo Casa Rusca welcome, from 4 September to 1 November 2021, the works of the artist Armando Losa (1936-2016).

The project is part of the list of exhibitions that Casa Rusca dedicates to important figures of the artistic panorama of the Locarno area.

The selection of over 30 works from paintings and drawings constitutes an opportunity to deepen, in particular, his pictorial production from the late sixties until 2012.

Distinctive and peculiar trait of the artist is his relationship with nature. The themes of the exhibition are above all visions and memories of natural elements and places where he lived: from the mountains of the region, to the details of a plant.

Alongside the works exhibited in the two main rooms, a video-testimony of personalities who collaborated or lived in close contact with Armando Losa will be shown, to give the visitor a "tangible" biographical profile of the artist.


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