Ascona-Locarno Run 2019


The Ascona-Locarno Run represents a unique occasion for visiting the region of Lake Maggiore in its stunning scenery as it takes on its vivid autumn colours.

Suggestive places such as the Piazza Grande in Locarno – both starting and finish point of the marathon – and the famous lakefront promenade of Ascona will be part of the race. Participants may choose among the contests of Half Marathon (21.0975 km), 10km distance and City Run (5km) according to their own physical conditions and actual abilities.

Since 2016 children can participate as well thanks to the Kids Run.


Only online at (and by clicking on the link of Datasport or Online registration).

It is possibile also to register Saturday 13th (14.00/19.00 on the Piazza Grande) or Sunday 14th (7.00/8.30 by FEVI) with a surcharge of CHF 15.-.

Registration fee:

Marathon: CHF 50.-  / 43 €
Half Marathon: CHF 40.-  / 34 €
10 km distance: CHF 30.-  / 26 €

Organized by Virtus Locarno, USA Ascona, Runner’s Club Bellinzona, SPL and ASTI.

Maps below:

- Red circuit: Marathon (2 x 21,0975 km)
- Blue circuit: Half Marathon (1 x 21,0975 km)
- Yellow circuit: 10 km

-Green circuit: Kids Run



Piazza Grande, 6600 Locarno


[email protected]


12 October - 13 October

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