BALLET OF MILAN - La vie en rose... BOLERO - music by M. Ravel and Frech songs



A great dance evening in two acts with French songs and music by Maurice Ravel; choreography: Adriana Mortelliti
stage clothes Armani - Max Mara - Atelier Bianchi Milano

A fantastic ballet production on Ravel's Bolero.
This is a piece of a tremendous power, a brilliant structure and obsessive alluring rhythm, a piece to which outstanding choreographers and dancers have given an immortal fame. The version of the Ballet of Milan offers a different interpretation of it and it has had incredible international successes.
The first part is dedicated to the famous chansonniers, It’s impossible not to remember Edith Piaf, Yves Montand or Jacques Brel. Or Charles Aznavour, who is still today considered an idol of French songs. Poetic lyrics about love and indifference, joy and loneliness, friendship and day-to-day life have inspired a wonderful choreographic performance.
An unmissable evening of great dance and the elegance of Italian style.


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