The traditions and sounds of the bandella "immersed in the sea of contemporary folk and improvisation": this is what happens with the bandella vista mare project, which will be presented by LocarnoFOLK as a Swiss premiere on the Piazza Grande on 3 July as part of the "E...STATE a Locarno" initiative. Participating in this fascinating and stimulating experience will be the bandella chilometro zero, the ensemble Pierino e i lupi, percussionist Matteo "Peo" Mazza and the well-known soprano sax virtuoso Albin Brun, guest of honour from Lucerne.

The bandella is the younger sister of the banda (wind band), but in fact it is much more than that. While in the past it was a popular form of music throughout northern Italy, today it exists only in Ticino. These small ensembles were very much part of everyday life. There was no village festival, carnival or wedding without the bandelle. And they even played at funerals. Today, however, this unique phenomenon in Italian-speaking Switzerland has lost its vigour.

The bandella vista mare project aims to breathe new life into it. The idea came about during a prolonged stay on the shores of the Ligurian Sea by the musician Peter Zemp - born in Lucerne, but now living in Ticino - who immediately set to work. The pieces are therefore all original, composed especially for this suite for bandella and orchestrina - alongside Peter Zemp, Albin Brun co-writes some of the pieces.
The pieces intertwine various genres, from folk music to jazz, with some reminiscences of jousting and military band music, as well as Southalpine and Northalpine traditions, all seasoned with improvisation and humour: fun is guaranteed, even if serious moments are not missing.

This first new wide-ranging composition for bandella is also already recorded: in fact, the ten musicians of bandella vista mare spent a few days recording in the RSI studios. And here it is, their freshly printed album, released by the Swiss label Narrenschiff, which will be presented on 3 July in Locarno!

The musicians of bandella vista mare
Albin Brun - soprano sax
Matteo "Peo" Mazza - drums and percussions
Bandella chilometro zero
Emanuele Delucchi - clarinet
Benedetto Castelli - trumpet
Stefano Piazza - horn
Daniele Giovannini - euphonium
Andrea Norghauer - bass tuba
Pierino e i lupi
Simone Mauri - bass clarinet
Santo Sgrò - percussion and toys
Peter Zemp - accordion


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