Bande in Piazza Grande

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Daily concerts of differents groups of our region: 


Sunday 9h September 2018, at 20.30h: Società Filarmonica Verzaschese
Monday 10h September 2018, at 20.30h: Filarmonica Valmaggese
Tuesday 11h September 2018, at 20.30h: Unione Filarmoniche Asconesi
Wednesday 12h September 2018, at 20.30h: Musica di Minusio
Thursday 13h September 2018, at 20.30h: Massagno Musica
Friday 14h September 2018, at 20.30h: Unione Filarmonica Gambarognese
Saturda 15h September 2018, at 20.30h: Feldmusik Allenwinden
Sunday 16th September 2018, at 20.30h: Musica Cittadina di Locarno


Free entry to all the concerts.



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