Biancaneve e i sette sax



Concert with the Quartet Semibreve: Biancaneve e i sette sax

"Biancaneve e i Sette Sax" (Snow White and the Seven Saxophones) is a musical show that, through entertainment, aims among other things to bring audiences of all ages closer to the possibilities offered by a very fascinating instrumental formation: the saxophone quartet. The "Quartetto Semibreve" ( is formed by the four saxophonists Flavio Casanova, Orazio Borioli, Lorenzo Piazza and Franco Menozzi. For this production, the four musicians are amalgamated by the narrating voice of Walter Seghizzi. The show is freely inspired by the famous fairy tale. It begins with the disappearance of Snow White. Four dwarves set off in search of her. Among thousand adventures and crossing forests, seas and deserts, will they succeed in the enterprise?

with Franco Menozzi, baritone sax
Orazio Borioli, alto sax
Flavio Casanova, soprano sax
Lorenzo Piazza, tenor sax

and the voice of Walter Seghizzi.

Free entry, with offers.

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