Briciole di magia



Tiny, cozy and solemn. The „smallest Christmas market in Ticino" is full of creative craftsmanship and festive spirit.
Musical tunes, delicious treats, three donkeys and associations to meet.

Do not miss:
- at 12 am: the town’s archivist, Dr. Rodolfo Huber, tells us about the history of Locarno’s theatre
- from 16 pm on: music with Ilario Garbani and his traditional bagpipe
- at 18 pm: aperitif with Marco Zappa, winner of the Swiss Music Prize 2019

For the little ones:
- from 15 pm on: possibility to ride Erica's intelligent donkeys, Bobbie, Camilla and Casi

Last but not least, two culinary specialities you have to try: Maddalena’s „runditt“ and Vanco’s „minestra di farina bona“.

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