CANCELLED - In Vitea Güsctà



In Vitea Güsctà is an event that aims to promote local products and businesses through a food and wine itinerary that runs through municipal roads, paths, vineyards and nuclei of Gordola. The goal of this proposal will therefore be to get to know and enhance our territory and the peculiarities related to the land and the environment.
The name of the event is partly originated from the In Vitea route, inaugurated last year by Federviti Locarnese and Valleys in these areas. The first edition will be held on April 13, 2020.
The event was conceived for 400 participants. The registration fee will allow you to travel the route safely by tasting in the 10 stations, used to offer from the breakfast, all free, to lunch until dessert, drinks and delicacies in the area.

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